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Magnesium material
for 'lighter' world

About MG Port 

Magnesium (Mg), the lightest metal for structural purposes, is abundant in resources and has been used in a variety of fields.

However, the true value of Mg alloys has not been fully recognized, nor utilized, due to issues such as flammability, insufficient strength, corrosion vulnerability, and so on.

Professor Kawamura and the researchers at the Magnesium Research Center (MRC) at the Kumamoto University in Japan have been developing many innovative Mg alloys that address these critical issues of Mg alloys.

MG Port is aimed at promoting and populating the practical use of these new Mg alloys developed at Kumamoto University, and at making an impact in reducing structural weights, saving fuel consumption, and decreasing CO2 emission.





Professor Kawamura’s group has developed various advanced materials that address and solve the problems of current commercial Mg alloys.



In collaboration with various partners including academia and material manufacturers, we will provide Mg alloys designed and developed at Kumamoto University.



MG Port is a startup company and founded in 2021 in Japan to promote and populate the usages of Mg alloys developed at Kumamoto University.

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